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Fake Smile

I Miss Both Of You :'/
Monday, June 25, 2012 | 6:02 AM | 0 comments

           Hi semua . Ehh dah lama kan tk update blog ? Well busy dengan kelas juara and all --' Aaa actually first nk cerita about both of my love . Actually org yg aku syg , semua dah tinggai aku . Oh no cant amazing . But whatever happen just accept it . Hmmm , first rafiq and second abg aku . whatheee ? shit ! Seriously I gonna miss both of you :'(

           I miss that both of you make me laugh , make me happy , make me sad , and all . Hmm , why this can happen ? I know and I feel all is come from me right ? Hmmm :'( I need both of you know I love both of you , I miss both of you and all :'( Please give me one more changes please ? Even fake ! Please :'( I just need both of you right now :(
           Nobody can make me feel likeee ahhhhh so happy and crazy like both of you make me . Seriously ! If I get one more changes . I promise I will be better person that you ever know :( Swear ! Btw , now Im is crying :'( Sorry I cant pretend . No one can understand me . Thats why I just update in blog :'(

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